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What makes us unique, is that we concentrate on the more remote areas of the world. Our Russian subsidiary OOO Windlife Kola Vetro LL1, for example, has become the leading wind farm developer in the arctic area around Murmansk. In this harsh climate, we have successfully developed a 200 MW windfarm that will supplement existing hydropower to bring balance and stability to the power supply within the Murmansk Oblast by 2021.

With climate change and economics as our main drivers, we have to be flexible and innovative. Renewable power generation is nearing a significant tipping point, thanks to both global effort to reduce CO2 emissions, and the experience that there is good money to be made with environmentally friendly products and services.

“Windlife’s mission is to help energy companies and governments providing access
to renewable energy and creating a cleaner world for future generations”.

In addition, increasing awareness among consumers boosts the acceptance of products and technology that support the transition from fossil fuels to green energy. This inspires Windlife to constantly look for ‘outside the box’ solutions, combining -where possible– power generation, storage and distribution and applying cutting edge technology. It allows us to create value from single turbines to large-scale wind parks.


Dutchman Paul Logchies, founder and CEO of Windlife, holds an MBA from California Pacific University and a masters degree in international management. He built his business acumen in land and real estate development, banking and investments. Over the past two decades, he has accumulated extensive experience in developing wind energy projects, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Andrey Kukhmay, head of Windlife’s Technical Department, is a Russian/English trained electrotechnical engineer and a renowned expert on all grid related matters. The Windlife team has both the experience and the proven capabilities to turn wind energy projects to a success. Identifying opportunities and finding the best solutions, while leaving the environment virtually untouched. In addition, Windlife has built relationships with a global network of specialist wind energy consulting firms – in order to remain a small and flexible, entrepreneurial company, yet capable of bringing the right expertise and professionalism to the table any time, anywhere.

Paul Logchies
Founder and CEO of Windlife

Andrey Kukhmay
Head of Technical Department together with local Indonesian kids